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Internal audit faces major challenges and unique opportunities. The context in which Organizations live and constantly changing mean that internal audit has great present and future growth prospects, but the demands are different and diverse, giving more and more space and differentiation to skills over of technical skills. The seven attributes of Internal auditors released by the IIA are the driving force behind a new paradigm of training. Therefore, the updating of competences is essential, as well as the readiness to learn.

Provide professionals with skills that respond to current and future demands of the internal audit market within the new paradigm.

Current and potential internal auditors, CAE, risk managers, compliance officers, controllers, financial directors, etc..


  • Internal Audit Leadership;
  • Internal Audit Soft Skills;
  • Management tools to support Internal Audit (case studies);
  • Technologies and tools to support Internal ;
  • GRC—Governance and control in a computerized context (technological risk, fraud, cybercrime, cloud, etc.)
  • Assertive communication techniques for internal audit (verbal, nonverbal and written)
  • Internal Audit Guiding Principles (Standards, Code of Ethics and Regulation)
  • Value of the Audit Committee in corporate governance; responsabilities; value and etics, organizational governance
  • Fraud Risk Managemet
  • Tourist visit and closing ceremony with certificate delivery

Highly specialized Trainers from Portugal and Ukraine

General Coordination -  Coimbra Business School
Coimbra Business School, leader in Portugal in the teaching of internal audit, risk management and control, with highly specialized human and material resources, is the main partner in this MBA.
Represented by: Nuno Castanheira and Georgina Morais

Support from IIA Ukraine
Affiliated with IIA, being a professional reference entity of Ukraine for internal auditors, it brings together professionals seeking to acquire and maintain competences and to share knowledge.
Represented by: Tatyana Lebedynets

Support from IIA Portugal
IPAI is a professional association, affiliated with IIA, created to represent internal audit professionals in Portugal.
Represented by: Georgina Morais and Fátima Geada

Date: 16th to 20th march 2020

Local: Coimbra - Portugal or Live Training (with real-time transmission)

Hours: 9:00-13:00h and 14:00-18:00h

Investment: 1000 €
IPAI and IIA-Ukraine members (attach proof): 20% off

Application Documents:
Curriculum Vitae, Certificate of Qualifications, 1 Photo

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