Conversational English

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Instructor:  Markus Carpenter

Candidates: Students with a lower-intermediate level of English

To allow students to consolidate and improve their oral skills; consolidation of basic grammar mainly through oral practice.

1- Day to Day Communition
- Speaking about the daily routine and activities and free time activities
- Describing places and people; character adjectives
- Question forms; ways of agreeing and disagreeing
- Vocabulary for speaking about films, music and entertainment
- Vocabulary associated with travel, making requests and reservations
2- Grammar Components
- Irregular verbs and modals
- Aspects of the present perfect and past tenses
- Conditionals, hypotheticals and future tim
- Ways of making comparisons; comparatives and superlatives
- Common idioms and sayings; conversational strategies
3- Pronunciation and fluency
- Through various activities, possibly including music

Length of course: 24 hours

Schedule: Will be given in one lesson per week (120 minutes) at ISCAC on Wednesdays morning (9:30h - 11:30h)

Comunidade ISCAC/IPC: 100€
Externos: 120€

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